Innisfil Clothing Depot

Register for Free shopping nights.

All shoppers will be required to register online monthly in order to attend. Choose the date that you wish to attend.  You will be allowed to attend once a month as the need is growing and have limited capacity.

Register For A Free Shopping Night

Helping A community in need.

Through our used clothing collection box, we are able to distribute clothes received in the following manner. Local families in need may request FREE clothes at any time in emergencies. Fire victims also can access this service. We will be asking for proof of residency for all shoppers as the store will be serving Innisfil residents only. Our Emergency Relief and Development Overseas (E.R.D.O.) has shipped clothes to our missionaries on the field overseas as needed and requested. Any clothing not used in the above areas is then sold and the money is used in support of our outreach programs.

If you have any issues with registration contact Betty at or

(705) 436-1611 x 209.

A person donating free clothing at the Innisfil Clothing Depot